Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I'm putting all my rebates together. Gonna send them out in the mail soon by Friday for sure. Here's what I'm looking at:

Lysol Rebates - 8.00

Wags Rebates - 9.50 - (sidebar - I'm sending my Pledge rebates -the ones I was lamenting - to my mom's house...nice to have her in town! I just couldn't let the deal go by!)

Bolt Rebate - 8.00 - (gonna use mom on this one too...gettin' one for Grace & one for my niece!)

Caregiver's Marketplace - 13.50 back from diapers and actually all that Glucerna I got for free...

So, all in all, I am looking at about 39.00 coming back to me in 4-6 weeks. Not to shabby! Considering these things were all a fantastic deal with coupons, I made money on some and things I needed for gifts anyway!

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