Monday, March 23, 2009


This past summer, Grace went to the movies with her cousins, aunt and grandma and it was a BIG DEAL because Mommy & Daddy didn't go - she got to go all by herself to the theatre and see the movie, "Bolt" - which looks ubercute with a little dog and a little girl...

Anyhoo - it comes out this week, and I KNOW she's going to want it. So I found this $5 coupon and this $4 rebate. Ronzoni pasta is on sale for a buck this week at Meijer. And, I saw at Wal-Mart the movie was 16.99. Not bad - pay 11.99 for it, then get a 4.00 rebate - knocks it down to the price of 7.99. I think it's going in to her Easter Basket. And I think we'll also get one for the cousins baskets too...then go minimal on the candy and other Easter basket items. I still have 14$ in RR to use up at Wags so - can you say free Easter basket chocolate? I know you can!

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