Monday, March 23, 2009

Coupon Karma

Of course, I don't really believe in Karma...but how catchy is that title? It made me happy.

There are a couple of Coupon Laws this weekend that I was able to practice. One of the first unspoken laws is that if you spot a good deal, you don't completely clear the shelf. If it's a really good sale/bargain then, hopefully the store will have an abundant supply for everyone to take advantage of. Well, this weekend - I had my little list and had gotten my coupons out - the Thomas English muffins were on a Super Saturday sale for .99 and I had a $1.00 coupon - so I put it in my basket, then, as I was in the frozen foods aisle looking at frozen pizzas - I had 4 coupon - 3 were for $1/1 and one was for $1.25/2 - so I decided to use the three $1 coupons and then, just after I put them in my cart a lady stepped over and began looking at the same pizzas. I gave her the 1.25 coupon and said, "You can have this, if you're planning on buying 2..." then walked off. (may have just made a sale for Meijers!)

Then, I couldn't find my coupon for the English Muffins - I checked everywhere! My binder, all my pockets, my purse...bah! Couldn't find it. So, I left the frozen foods and headed back to the muffin display to return the item. After all - wasn't on my list, so I wasn't going to get it if it wasn't free. Even if it was only .99! I put the muffins back and noticed a coupon lying there - it was open and it was $3/3 Thomas products. Do the math - yup - that equaled free English muffins. So I put 12 in my basket! 2 to Mom & Dad, 2 to our fridge and 8 in the freezer.

See how that all came around? Yep - gotta love the Coupon Karma...

Found my coupon in my wallet on the way home. My wallet. Coincidence? I think not...

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