Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pledge Coupon

Well, stupid me already closed out my Wag rebates for the month (just the Hunt's) although I just thought to myself - I shouldn't do it till the deadline, because you never know what might come up...but I closed it anyway, cuz I didn't want to forget.

BUMMER. This Pledge Coupon would've been NICE to use and get rebates on...bah.

I think most of them are on sale for 3.50 or 2.50 - and the rebate is $1.00 back on each...so - could've gotten at least free or overage. Although, I did find a recipe to make your own furniture polish...

EDITED***May want to stick with the homemade polish! The 3.00 coupon is off the site now, unfortunately, I only printed off 2 yesterday, so I won't be able to get anymore...ah well, I like the Multi Surface spray for mopping!

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