Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Waggin'

Not as hard this week, but still a few nice deals and I have about 14$ in RR that I need to burn up. I decided I would use these to alleviate some grocery items and perhaps some Easter candy. This week they have 8 oz cans of Hunts tomato sauce (which we use all the time, now that I've learned to cook...) on sale with an IVC for .39 - woohoo - normally priced at .99 or 5/4.00 (at Wags anyway - I think about 79 cents at a grocery store). But the deal gets sweeter! If you buy 10.00 worth of ConAgra products (think Wesson, Peter Pan peanut butter, HUNTS, Pam spray) you can get a 5.00 rebate from the Easy Saver catalog. The rebate is taken from the price of products BEFORE coupons get involved! So - here's what I did:
To get 10.00 worth - buy 13 cans
Total will be 10.40 - (according to my calculations, I would have thought it would be 10.97 (10 for 8.00 then .99x3 for the others), but that's not what the register did! It charged .99 for the first 4, then .04 cents for the fifth, then .80 for everyone after that...so weird...)
So -
Buy 13 cans - 10.40
Give the IVC coupon - it will take off 5.33 to make each one .39
Total after coupon - 5.07
Submit for a $5.00 = .07 for 13 cans of tomato sauce!
Plus I have the rebates sent to my gift card, so I'll get an extra 10% - .50 so actually, when all is said and done - I will have been paid .43 cents to take the tomato sauce off their hands.
Can't beat it!
We needed milk for the week (whole and skim!) and jelly beans for Annie's birthday cupcakes, so I picked up those, along with the tomato sauce yesterday - paid with a 7.00 RR and my out of my pocket was:
3.84 - saved 12.33. Will get 5.50 back in rebates. Um. Yeah. Wags is crazy like that.

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