Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We have just recently started to use the Redbox kiosk and I LOVE it. I have seen all the codes for free movies being given out on all the "budget blogs" and never really understood it, but in the about the last 3 months Meijer, Wal-Mart and Walgreens have all had them installed. Video vending machines. It's hilarious! And they only cost $1.00 to rent! I went to Movie Gallery about 3 weeks ago and it cost me 9.00 to rent two movies! What the heck!?! I may as well go to the movies for that price. I was very turned off at that. So, I started checking out the Redbox. Easy peasy. They have some pretty up to date movies too. So far, I've only actually paid for 2 out of about 10 that we've rented. You can use the free codes on different credit/debit cards. So - I think we'll actually wind up getting 16 movies using the standard free codes. We each have a card for our bank account (2) and each have a bank credit card (2) and there are 4 free codes. 4 x 4 = 16 free movies. If you have more cards, you can get more movies, obviously! They also email out free codes every Monday and in March they've been doing it for every Wednesday. We've gotten a big kick out of it so far. Our entertainment budget is *ahem* non-existent, so free stuff works for me!

Free Codes: REDBOX - use this for the FIRST time you try it! It won't work after that.



DVDATWAG (this one only works at my beloved Walgreens machines)

These are only 1 day rentals, but the nice thing is that they aren't due till 9pm the next night and you can return them at any Redbox kiosk. Very nice.

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