Friday, March 13, 2009

On to the Diapers!

Here's some pics and because my brain is getting weary of receipts, a SUMMARY...and yes, these are all different diapers in the pictures...

Diapers are incredibly well priced this week thanks to the 3.00 Natural Fit coupon from and there was also a 5.00 Gentle Care Products coupon released a week or two ago that I printed about 9 of - because it didn't specify that you had to buy diapers on them (although, now it does - but I can still use the other ones for wipes or changing pads). I used these coupons to buy 5.00 worth of wipie tubs (2 tubs for free).
So here's the deal I've done MULTIPLE times:
3 packs jumbo Huggies
pay with coupons and a 10 RR from Dove
OOP: 12 bucks + tax
get a 10RR
Also, at Wags this week I was able to get 2 Glade Sense & Sprays, 12 bottles of Garnier Fructis Shampoo, 8 more bars of Dove soap and 34 bottles of trial size Gillette Body Wash + Shampoo - for free. I bought the coupons on ebay for 3.00 - so for 3.00 + the tax which totals about another 3.00 0 so all that for about the sale price of 2 bottles of shampoo...(coupon psycho moment #1 - the Gillette Body Wash...probably didn't need all those...)

This was last night:

On one of my transactions, Katie (my Wags cashier) totaled me up to 71+ dollars, did all my coupons and it went to 13.00. "HOLY CRAP!" said she. "HOW did you do that???" I told her about buying coupons on e-bay - which was incredibly funny to her. Then, of course - after paying 13.00 it spit out another 10 dollar coupon. She laughed me all the way out the door...

So - OOP for these pics here: 96.77 Total saved: 213.08 + I have another 10.00 ticket. But, I'm pretty sure I'm done doing the Huggies for now.

Total for two weeks of Wags combined

34 bottles of trial sized Gillette body wash

24 bars of Dove Soap

16 bottles Johnsons & Johnsons

12 bottles Garnier Fructis Shampoo

11 jumbo packs of Natural Fit size 3 diapers

11 boxes of Gentle Care Wipes

4 tubes Colgate Toothpaste

3 jumbo packs of 4T PullUps

2 Kotex Overnights

and about 10 Thingamajig candy bars....(No S's be hanged....)

OOP: 131.91 saved: 323.72 + I've got 10 RR coupon burning a hole in my pocket.

+ I've just signed up for Caregiver's Marketplace and am going to submit my receipts for rebate of .75 on EACH pack of diapers or pull-ups (11.25) and I've got to check if they do .75 for each tub of wipes which would be about another 10 bucks.

All things considered, all of that for about the regular price of 10 packs of the diapers...which we'll use. Not too shabby. Good thing we saved all that money on daycare this week due to Grace being sick. Am almost tempted to not even put this stuff toward my March grocery budget!

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