Friday, March 13, 2009

It all started with some eyedrops and toothpaste

Last week, I knew that I wanted to stock up on diapers because Walgreens had them on sale 2/9 - which is a good price. However, I knew that I would spend about 20 -25 bucks on them, and get a good deal -but there wasn't really anyway to get them lower than 25 bucks or so. So, then it becomes a challenge to me to see what else I can get to lead up to still only spending 25 bucks and getting the diapers in the end. I also needed to buy a bottle of baby wash and baby oil to have on hand for baby wash - so we're talking another 5.00 - 30 bucks total.
I want to start about by stating that I LOVE my Walgreens in Three Rivers. They freaking rock and let me use as many coupons as I want and do as many transactions as I want. But, this is mostly because I am courteous to them and don't clear the shelves in one trip or ask to do a bunch of stuff when they are busy. I usually go around 8pm after the girls are in bed.

So - anyway, to get to the diapered end, it all began with this purchase:

2 identical transactions of:
1 colgate & 1 eyedrops
9.73 (includes tax) OOP
got back 11.50 in RR - free plus 1.77 overage

So I took my 23 dollars in RR and bought:
8 bars of Dove Soap and 1 package of Walgreens diapers
Used 11.50 in RR
OOP: 1.67
got back 10 in RR

Later that night:
2 trial size Gillette body wash
8 bars of Dove soap
1 candy bar
Used .99 IVC
8.00 RR
OOP: 1.18
got back 10 in RR

The Dove Deal is what is triggering the new 10 RR's - buy 8 dove products, get 10 in RR back and the single bar of soaps are .99 and the trial size .99 bars will trigger the coupon too - so it's at least a 2 dollar money maker - plus free soap!

They also had Johnsons & Johnsons on sale this week that would prompt a Register Reward and there are TONS of J&J coupons here, here and here - plus it spit out a 3.00/3 J&J coupon right there at the register!-and since we had perfected our little baby wipes recipe, I wanted at least a bottle of baby wash and one of baby oil to have on hand to make more wipies. Oh yeah. We're rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin'...
8 bottles of J&J's baby wash/oil/lotion
2 bottles of diet coke and 2 candy bars
Used 2 -3.00 J&J coupons
Used 2- 2.00 J&J coupons
Used B1G1 free coke coupon
Used 10 RR
Used 3.50 RR
paid 5.73 OOP
got back 10 in RR

Of course I couldn't do this just once. That was an INSANE price for all that J&J! And I still had coupons to boot! So I did it again with my other 10 Dove RR and I also bought another free Colgate Max with a coupon to spit out a 3.50 RR to use.

Bought 1 Colgate Max
Used 1.00 off coupon
OOP: 2.40
got back 3.50 in RR

Bought 8 things of J&J baby wash/oil/lotion
2 boxes of Huggies Gentle Sensitive Wipes
2 Thingamig candybars
Used a TON of coupons...
OOP: 2.19
SHOULD HAVE gotten back 10 in RR! Except - aw crap, one of those J&J baby oils was actually a Walgreen's baby oil! Poop - no RR, but hubs told me to let it g0-0-0-0-0 because - uh, 2.19 for all that??

I suppose he's right. But still.
So for week numero uno, this:

turned into this:

all in the attempt to get 20 in RR to spend on diapers, but by the time the week had unfolded - word spread amongst the savvy coupon world about a HUGE Huggies diaper deal this week. So, I decided to forego Wags dipes and save my last 10 RR to start some Huggies deals to rolling.

Total OOP for this picture: 35.14 - NOT BAD and I would have probably hit 30.00 had it not been for the Diet Coke and candy bars - which I'm buying because I generally need a filler item to get my coupons to go through and Wags is having a contest to see who can sell the most. (Go Katie! - 3rd in the district so far!)

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