Friday, March 27, 2009

Hubs' Deal!

So - Hubs has this dream to one day "go off the grid", which is his phrase for owning a home on 10 acres of land, out nowhere, where we have our own chickens, a MASSIVE garden, line dry all our clothes, grind our own wheat, make our own laundry soap, etc.... you get the idea. I think living in town with 90 year old neighbors who watch our every move is getting to him!

Anyway, in keeping with this dream and the fact that we most likely will not be able to officially go off the grid for a couple years yet, we are going to utilize our little plot of land into a big vegetable garden and Clint wanted to plant some fruit bushes as well. Clint gathered information last year at the fairgrounds about the St. Joe County Conservation Center that sells all sorts of seedlings and decided he wanted to order blueberry, raspberry and strawberry plants/bushes from them because their prices are cheaper than a catalog or Meijers. Order form is due by Saturday, but of course we haven't taken it in yet - even though we've had it for months.

So Clint is driving home from work on Tuesday and listening to the Action Auction on WLKM, the local radio station. And what do you know? They are 10$ gift certificates for seedlings at the Conservation Center for $5.00 a piece. Ca-ching! Clint calls in to the radio station, orders 3 of them to cover our 36.00 order and instantly saves us 15.00. Not only that, but we can pay online through Paypal and have the certificates mailed to us. Well, we only have ever used Paypal for ebay purchases (not many at that) but, just last week on Freebies4Mom, I tried out this You Data website that Freebies4Mom posted about. I thought, what the heck - why not give it a whirl. Well - last week I made like 4.00 or something, this week, it's down to $1.25, but I figure that's 'cuz I'm just not that diverse a demographic! ha ha. Anyway YouData pays right into your Paypal account and when Hubs went to pay for the certificates using Paypal, there was a 4 dollar credit. So - our 36.00 order turned in to a 17.00 order. He saved 19 bucks. Way to go, Honey!

Pays to listen to your local radio station!

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