Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lysol Rebates

Lysol deal got sweeter!

I think I'm going to do the Lysol Rebate too - with items purchased this week at Meijer. I need some toilet bowl cleaner and kitchen cleaner (even though I'm reading up and contemplating home-made cleaners), so it would be good to investment. It doesn't take very long to fill out a rebate form, and I know you have to wait 4-6 weeks to get a 3.00 check, but hey - it's something to do and it's fun when they come in!

Here's the Lysol link for the rebate on products purchased.

And then, while browsing around I saw this link :

Take your kid to the doctor and get $5.00...

This actually works out pretty well for me, as I'm going to purchase lysol products at 1/2 price and then down even more with coupons, and I just took Annie in for her well-baby check up a couple weeks ago. Kaboom - 8 bucks. Funny what promos are out there!

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