Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

Not too shabby for this weekend's grocery recap - which is good, because with the massive Wags diaper deal a few weeks ago, my March budget goal of $200-$250 was pretty much shot right out the door anyway!

First stop of the weekend was WAGS (of course) - 2 gallons milk, 4 bottles Pledge & a Bic Soliel Razor and Cartridges

Razors were on clearance, combined with coupons & IVC's made me about .80 - gotta love that.
For the Pledge I used 2 - 3.00 coupons and 2- 2.00 coupons
Milk - $2.39 each

Used my last $7 RR - paid 2.23 OOP - Savings of $37.76 for the above picture. Which I will turn in for a $4.40 rebate on a gift card. If they want to pay me 2 bucks for taking it off their hands - fine with me!

Meijer Trip: The above picture was 35.31 OOP - Savings of 38.01.

3 jars of Salsa and the 2 bags of Sunchips were free - the Lysol, I used a rebate and got a $6 jar of wipes for 1.50 using a coupon - and will submit for rebate. And, at the end of my purchase, out popped the $3 OYNO ticket from the Kraft 2% cheese - which, actually is a dead deal as of yesterday - 3/29.

Took a second trip on Saturday to get the BOLT Easter basket present and some party decorations for the day. And cashed in on some more 2% cheese! No pics, but the totals are:

OOP: 12.16 - saved: 25.46

Total from grocery budget: 49.7 OOP

Savings: 116.37

Phew! made it under $50 bucks!

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