Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stock up on Shaving Cream

this month at Wags. This is a good deal IF you have to buy something at Wags anyway. You know, like maybe Easter stuff? I like to buy my milk at Wags because if Meijer doesn't have it on sale, the regular priced Bareman's gallon is $2.39, which is the cheapest non sale price I've found - other than Wal-Mart. But, I don't particularly care for Wal-Mart groceries, so I don't shop there.


Skintimate and Edge 7 oz. Shaving cream & gel are priced at 2.99 and until 4/25, when you buy one they will produce a $3.00 RR. So, all you'll have to do is pay the .17 cents tax. Buy the shaving cream before the item that you came to buy anyway, and use the RR to pay for original item. Whoop! Cheapie shaving cream. It's got to be the 7 oz Edge or Skintimate, though - or else it won't work. Of course, I always just take things back if it doesn't produce the desired RR.

So, my friendly Wags employees will most likely see me at the end of each week -buying a can of shaving cream and then buying my two gallons of milk for 1.39. Until April 25th, that is...

P.S. I've heard rumors of 7 oz. of this shaving cream on clearance for under 2$, which would make it a money-maker. Double Whoop.

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