Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wags run

Probably not the best thing in the world that Wags in on my way to church. Well, really it's on my way to just about anywhere in town - it's only a mile from our house (if that). Anyhoo - was a REALLY gorgeous evening out last night and still light and warm that after Kid's Club was over last night, Grace and I stopped in to Wags on our way home to see what we could find. I was excited to see they had the Skintimate shaving cream! Only two bottles - I got one and you know I been thinkin' about that other one. Which, I've come to realize - when you're thinking about a can o' shaving cream for more than 2 seconds, you've thought about it too long. Know what I mean?

One of my favorite cashiers was there. Katie rocks!

6 Degree trial size deodorants - used 6 Degree coupons

3 Bic Soleil Razors - 1.79 each - clearanced down from 6.99 - used 2 Bic Coupons - this link says the promo coupons are finished, but there will be more to come and I saw in an insert coupon preview that there will be a 2.00 Bic Disposable Razor coupon in the paper this week. I had 2 other coupons for these, but they and a bunch of other coupons got wet from my water bottle tipping over in my purse - ARGH. I am currently trying to dry them out to see if they will scan. Incidentally, my Pepsi coupons got wet too...AGAIN! Think the nice customer service lady will send me a THIRD set?? I'm guessing not...

1 Colgate Max White Toothbrush - used a 1.00 coupon

Used a $2 RR from my Lunch Run and paid 3.98 OOP. Saved: 27.10 and got back 9.50 in RR - 6RR for the deodorant and 3.50 for the toothpaste

Transaction #2

1 Colgate Max White Toothbrush - with coupon
1 Skintimate Shaving cream
$2 RR
paid 3.66 OOP
got back 6.50 in RR - 3.00 for Shaving cream, 3.50 for toothbrush.

So - paid roughly 8 bucks, walked out with 16 in RR. Not too shabby.

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