Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Caeser's has got nuthin' on me!

I have a new hero. Her name is Moneysaving Mom. She kicks butt in the Suzy Homemaker department. Her baking days inspired me to think a little bit more about cooking homemade and freezing for later times. I'm not a fan of baking really - I don't think I'm that good at it, nor do I really have the patience it requires or the attention to detail for that matter. And let's face it, when you work full-time, get home at 5 oclock and you want to try and cram in dinner, clean up, baths and some actual quality time with your two little ones and Hubs - the only time you have for a baking day is on the weekend. And that's pretty much the last thing I want to do on a weekend. But, I know that Hubs enjoys treats in his lunch, so I decided this week I would make a bunch of different types of cookie dough and freeze it up to be taken out a little at a time for some fresh cookies.
I had planned on doing this on Tuesday, but ack! no brown sugar - grr. So, moved it to Thursday. My initial thought when I first came home was - argh, it's so beautiful out - I do NOT feel like making dinner. My menu plan said spinach rice and cheese casserole, but I didn't want to go through baking all that plus the cookies, so I thought to myself. "Hey - I'll just have Clint pick up a cheap pizza from Little Caeser's" Bzzzz! Wrong answer - that's not cost effective and doesn't really follow my New Year's Resolutions, so I had to come up with an alternate plan. My alternate plan was to do Friday's Bacon Cheeseburger pizza -convenience style. And by that, I mean I wasn't going to make the dough, the way I normally would. So here's what I did:

Took 3 of these cute little 4 count crescent rolls tubes that I got from Kroger. Paid .30 cents for 5 of them and got a 3$ coupon for my next order. Total that to equal .90 for the crust

Rolled them all out on my pan and pieced them together - baked for about 6 minutes before putting the toppings on. Sprinkled with a little Italian seasoning.

Then I used one of my free Hunt's tomato sauces from Wags and a bag of cheese from Meijers - 1.87 + .90 = 2.77

Bacon we had in the freezer. Hands down best thing we ever did was to buy a quarter of a cow and 1/2 pig from some friends of ours. Figure that all the meat came to about 2.05/lb. This was 4 strips of 1 pound, I was estimate it to be about .75 cents worth of bacon. 2.77 + .75 = 3.52.

Threw on some ground beef leftover from tacos on Monday, put on the pickles - YUM-O! The pickles really make it good! and ta-da! For 3.52 a quick, easy meal for 4. Best of all - it was all from my stockpile, which I already paid for. No immediate funding required. And homemade is always tastier than take-out. And I'm a big fan of take-out!

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