Friday, April 17, 2009

Cookie Extravaganza

After making the pizza, I started in on the cookies. Which, I have to say, if there weren't two little ankle-biters nipping at my legs and a sick husband, this could have been done in 30 minutes TOPS. Mixing up the cookies doesn't take that long, really. And this is a perfect scenario for me because generally I hate the actual baking part of the cookies -so I really enjoyed just making the dough last night! However, stopping to console Annie and to get Grace off the potty, etc...made the task go about 1 1/2 hours. Ah, well. What can ya do?

I started with a batch of chocolate chip, mixed up the dough and then laid 1/2 of it out on wax paper.

Pulled the wax paper up and around it and formed it into a long tube shape - like the kind you buy in the store.
Then wrapped it up in aluminum foil.

Repeat with second half of the batch and stick in the freezer. And voila! I have 6 tubes of cookie dough all frozen up, all I have to do now, when I get the cookie urges is to take out a tube, slice and bake!

Made 2 tubes of choco chip, 2 tubes of oatmeal scotchies and 2 tubes of peanut butter. If I get ambitious again, I'll try M&M cookies & sugar cookies.

I figure this is about 6 weeks worth of cookies (maybe longer) in 1 1/2 hour time. Rock on.

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