Monday, April 20, 2009

Couponing is not for the faint of heart...

Or sensitive in spirit. I love my Meijers - but I went Friday night, late night and got some crap from a cashier about stacking the Meijer mealbox coupons with the 1.00 Danimals coupons I ordered from ebay. I did get my free yogurt - Whoop! But, as I wrote in my Facebook status - the grumpy cashier sorta stole my coupon thunder. There was no need for her to make me feel like I was ripping Meijer out of 20 bucks. It's Meijer's sale, it's Meijer's coupon and it's Meijer's coupon policy, for crying out loud, so if you want to blame someone for walking out with free yogurt - blame Meijer.

And truthfully, I don't get why cashiers care. You know? If I was the cashier, I'd be high-fiving myself on the way out. And if I high-fived myself, I just might give myself a free Danimals on the way out.

So, I emailed Meijers. I want to see if I can get their coupon policy regarding mealbox coupons in writing, because if they aren't going to educate their cashiers, so the cashiers don't give customers problems, then I guess it's up to me. And I like to know what I'm talking about, as well as being backed up by the higher ups. Stacking these coupons are awesome ways to get your grocery bill down, but it's a BIG headache to have to go through feeling like a crook every time you check out. Here's hopin' and here's my email. We'll see what they say.

"I was wondering if it would be possible to get the Meijer coupon policy in writing, especially regarding the Meijer Mealbox coupons. I LOVE shopping at Meijer. I choose Meijer over Wal-Mart any day of the week! I shop at the Meijer store in Three Rivers, MI and usually have excellent customer service. The cashiers, however, do seem to be a bit fuzzy on the use of the Meijer Mealbox coupons and I would like very much to know the actual policy straight from the corporation, particularly in regards to being allowed to use a mealbox coupon combined with a manufacturing coupon either clipped from the newspaper inserts or printed off from the Internet.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Coupon Psycho"

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