Saturday, March 28, 2009

Email the Corporation!

I've only ever emailed a couple of corporations. I've heard that emailing them with positive emails will sometimes produce really nice, high-dollar coupons. I've emailed Suave, Herbal Essence, Scrubbing Bubbles (S.C. Johnson) and Pepsi and I must say, I've been pleased with the results so far -

Suave and Herbal Essence didn't do anything, but the people at Scrubbing Bubbles sent me a coupon because I complimented their Mega Shower Foam. They sent me a coupon for a FREE one! Gotta love that.

That was a while ago, but just recently Pepsi was doing a rebate where if you bought a certain number of items during the Superbowl, they would send you 15$ worth of coupons in the mail. I was SO excited last Saturday when these really awesome coupons came in the mail. $2 & $3 ones!

And then...they were in my jeans pocket and Clint washed them. COMPLETELY ruined. I was bummin' hard! So, I figured what the heck? I'll email Pepsi, tell them the situation and see what happens.

I emailed them on Monday, explained, offered to send the washed ones as proof and asked them to reissue the coupons. I never got an email back, so imagine my surprise when I found a brand new set in the mail today. Way to go, Pepsi! So of course, I emailed my thanks!

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