Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lunch Runs Rock

Went to Kroger & Wags on my lunch. Wasn't planning on being able to get any free Green Giant veggies this week, till I saw the Kroger ad. I don't normally do Kroger, but they double and I was wanting to go to Walgreens in Sturgis to try the Degree Deal. (Struck out there, by the way)

Still made out pretty well:

- 4 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies (broccoli cheese & rice, corn) - used this coupon to be doubled for FREE.
- 1 bag of Kroger tortilla chips - 1.00
- 1 carton of eggs - 1.19 (?!)
- 1 Quaker Caramel Corn rice cakes - FREE with 1.00 MQ.
-1 resusable tote bag from - FREE from this Kroger promotion.

Total spent: 2.19 - saved 8.00.

I like the way they announce it for all to hear when they hand you you're receipt too. "You saved 8 dollars! Thanks for shopping Kroger!" Wish Meijer did that.

Then off to Wags to see what they had- Struck out with the Skintimate. What is WITH neither of these stores having the right brand!?! Come on peeps, summer is coming! I'll have to smell like a guy, I guess...
Struck out with the deodorant

I did find a couple of things that I needed, though -

Transaction #1

-1 True shimmer chapstick
-1 bag of peanut butter M&Ms
-1 box of Tuf Trash bags
-1 candy bar

Used $3 RR & $3.50 RR
OOP - 1.17 - would have been less, but I had to find a filler at the register to be able to use my RR's and it was the closest thing handy.

Transaction #2
-1 True Glimmer Chapstick
-1 box of Walgreens wax paper for the Cookie Extravaganza I have planned for tonight

Paid with $3.50 RR
OOP - .39 cents

Total spent at Wags 1.56 - each transaction gave me a $2 RR, so I walked out with $4.00 in coupons as well as my purchases. Woop!

Total spent at Wags & Kroger - $3.75.

Did I just make a quarter???

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