Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Found out Grace liked Danimals drinkable yogurt when she went to Ypsi for the weekend, so I noticed that Meijers had them on sale this week $2/4, what I didn't know right away, but found out last night after I had everyone else tucked in for bed, was that there is a $1.00 Meijer mealbox coupon out for Danimals and so, with my new found knowledge of stacking at Meijer, I of course went hunting to see if there were perhaps some coupons to be had to bring the cost down even lower.

Well. There are! Went to ebay, typed in Danimals coupon to search, adjusted the search to find me the closest seller and ba-dum-bump, ordered 15 $1/1 coupons for $1.70 - $1.44 of which I had in the Paypal account from the YouData I do at Freebies4Mom, so paid .26 cents for the coupons and stacking them at Meijers will make 15 6packs of Danimals totally FREE!!

I think that's a pretty good deal. 15 6 packs for .26 cents? Oh yeah.

Of course I googled to see if these will freeze well and found success. Forget the frozen veggies - we're opting for free frozen yogurt, baby. The tough part will be that I will have to buy each one in a separate transaction, so that's 15 transactions, but the Meijer coupon is good till the first week of May and hey, if they give me any problems that's what late nights and u-scans are for. And rainchecks.


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