Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Geez, Wags has a lot of free stuff these days!

Had to go to Wags last night to get some milk and some sour cream for supper. Wound up investing a little bit into my next two weeks because I didn't feel like doing a bunch of transactions. I know I'm going to use the RR's on milk and diapers anyway, so for the picture I paid 21.63, but got 12 dollars in RR back and will submit the Hershey kisses for a rebate and get 5.50 on my Wags gift card - so that's a return of $17.50. Probably be seeing a lot of very low OOP Wags trips in the near future with all my little RR coupons.

Is it just me or are my pics getting pretty bad? You can't even see the Edge Shaving Gel

The free items this week are: (and by free I mean, exceedingly cheap because you still have to pay tax, unless you have a coupon to make it a moneymaker)

4 bags of Hershey Kisses - these are the Easter kind - marked 50% off - I can submit these for the buy 4 bags of Hershey Kisses Easy Saver rebate of 5.00. They were clearanced to be 1.25 a bag because they are Easter, so 4 x 1.25 = 5.00, get 5.00 back (+ 10% if I get it put onto a Wag card) - so actually a .50 moneymaker because there's no tax on food. The cashier wondered why I wasn't holding out till they were .75, which would be a GREAT deal - but there's always the chance that there wouldn't be any left and well, I didn't know they'd be going down in price anymore - so thanks for the tip, Wags guy! (you know who you are!) Rebates are going on till 4/25, I believe, so who knows maybe my mom will find some .75 centers...*wink*wink*

The Colgate Max White or Max Fresh toothbrushes deal is this: Buy 1 at 3.29, get a 3.50 RR back. There are Colgate coupons here, if you sign up for the Smile Talk thing. I was able to print off two $1.00 coupons for the Max White and two for the Max Fresh. I paid 2.49 for a toothbrush (tax!) and got a 3.50 RR back. Made a 1.01 in Walgreens cash on that one. Toothpaste on sale last week, toothbrush on sale this week.

Chapstick: Still rolling! On sale for 1.99, gives out a $2 RR. I really like the True Shimmer kind, which is, of course, the kind they are all sold out of. I got the botanical one last night.

Edge Energy Shaving Gel: Still rolling! The Three Rivers Wags doesn't seem to want to stock the Skintimate, so I'm checking the Sturgis one today. Hubs has like 5 cans of the Edge and I only have 2 cans of the Skintimate. Pout. On sale for 2.99, gives out a $3 RR. What fun! I'll be sad when the Shaving gel deal ends. I like having that stockpiled.

I also have another reason for hitting up the Sturgis Wags on my lunch break today. I wanted to do this Degree Deodorant deal, but all sold out at TR Wags. Bah.

And, I was not totally on my game last night, I kept my second toothbrush back to buy, because you can only get one like RR per transaction, and I wanted 2 of the toothbrushes, so I had to buy them separately. Anyway - gave the coupon to the cashier and then tried to pay for it with a $2 RR that had come from my first mega transaction. Well, it beeped and that will happen sometimes with the registers and at the time all I could think of was that I wasn't paying enough tax, because I had used a coupon, but that wasn't right because the total was $2.49 and after the RR, I would've paid .49 which would have covered the tax. We couldn't figure it out, so I just paid for it and got my 3.50 RR afterward. But! I had an ah-HA! moment when I went home. The rule with Wags registers is that you can't have more coupons than items. And that includes RR, so I was trying to buy 1 toothbrush with 2 coupons. Nope - can't do it. So, Josh - if you're reading...I done figgered it out!

That coupon:item ratio gets me a lot and well, I just wasn't thinking last night.

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