Monday, April 13, 2009

Meijer Match Up Link 4/13

Courtesy of Cinncinati Cents

I didn't see a whole lot that I'm going to invest in. I do like the Meijer condensed soups at .50 each, for cooking, but that sale recycles about every 6 weeks - last time was Superbowl weekend, so you know it's coming back again!

I'll probably invest in the free Arnold's bread - makes nice breadcrumbs and it's FREE, as well as the bags of Green Giant steamers. I was just noticing that we are getting low on frozen veggies and we'll need some to get us through the time the garden will give us some produce. I may check out ebay for some .50 coupons that I know are out there...we'll see. Other than that - I'm set for a couple weeks!

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