Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walgreens This Week

Three Rivers Walgreens were either, all out of the Tone Body wash, or they had them hidden someplace special. I was toting an impatient 4 year old, so I didn't bother asking anyone about them. But, I did head to Sturgis today on my lunch break and voila! There were quite a few of them sitting there. Woohoo. I figured since I had taken extra mileage to get there, and I didn't know when I would need to run to Sturgis again, I was going to go for broke. This was six, yep, that's 6 transactions folks and well worth it.

I did three of them at the register and three of them at the beauty counter. Collectively, I paid OOP $6.17 and walked out with $6 in RR. Not too shabby, eh?

How did I do this? Check it out here...

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