Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Possible Walgreen Scenarios for Next Week

I was investigating for the Walgreens ad for next week to see if I could come up with some decent scenarios to roll the $5 Nature's Bounty RR into. My personal first inclination is to go for the Tone Wash, but that will leave you with $2 of the RR to either fill (and milk is always a good filler! Buy the Body Wash + 1 gallon of milk, use the $1/1 Tone Coupon and the $5 NB RR and you should wind up paying about .59 + tax OOP and getting a $3 RR back) but there are some other things you could do:

Scenario 1:

1 Tone Body Wash - 3.99
1 Stayfree MaxiPad - 2.99
1.02 worth of filler -(candy or milk, etc...I would choose food as the filler, so you don't have to worry about tax!)

Use 1 - 1/1 Tone Body Wash IP
Use 1 - Stayfree $2.00/1 MQ from 3/28 insert
Use 1 - $5 RR

You're OOP will be whatever over $1.02 that you choose (+tax) and you'll receive 2 $3 RRs from the Stayfree and the Body Wash!


Scenario 2: You could purchase 1 Skintimate Shaving Cream - $2.99 and pay for it with a $3 RR from Tone Body Wash and have zero OOP (+tax) and get another $3 RR from the Skintimate.

Scenario 3: Purchase 1 Stayfree Pads - $2.99 and pay for it with the $3 RR from the Skintimate. OOP (+tax) and get another $3 RR from the Stayfree.

You could just roll these $3 RRs all week long and stock up! Just remember, you cannot roll a like RR into the same product and have another RR pop out. In other words, don't buy the StayFree with the StayFree $3 RR. It won't roll.

There are SO many ways to roll the RR's this week, to stock up on pads, shaving cream and Body Wash! I'm getting excited!

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