Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unexpected Deals on Saturday!

X 10!

Sorry, this deal is dead as of Sunday, but I wanted to share the awesome deal I scored unexpectedly at Meijers!

This past week Meijer was running a promotion on Quaker Oats where if you purchased 10 items, you would automatically get $5.00 off at the register (i.e. .50/each item). I had heard of others scoring some great prices on their True Delights bars, but we've had some family stuff come up this week and I just didn't have the time/focus to really put it all together in my head – I have so much stockpiled, I really only needed milk & eggs!

So, our grocery trip this past Saturday was for the milk, eggs and some party supplies for Annie's birthday party. Meijers had a ton of free samples this week and actually a lady that I grew up with was one of the sample servers and she offered me a sample of Quaker Oat Squares cereal (which Annie loved and I really like them too!) and then told me that they were on sale for $1.69 and that she had coupons in her pocket for $1.00/1 to make them .69 each. Which, in and of itself is a really good deal. So, because .69 still isn't free, I only took 2 coupons.

Then, I got to reading the advertisements about the $5.00 off at the register. If I bought 10 of them, I would get an additional .50 off each one, making them… .19/box! Now THAT is a stock up price! I asked Debbie if I could have 8 more coupons, pointing out the deal to her and she gave me 8 more coupons!

10 boxes of cereal for $1.90 is fantastic!

So, at the birthday party – the take home gifts were boxes of Quaker Oat Cereal J And I still have 7 in my cupboard.

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