Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I've still been Menu Planning for the most part, January has been looking a little different, as we're trying to be a lot healthier and incorporate more veggies - hello, Weight Watchers! Our breakfasts and lunches look pretty much the same. The girls eat those meals at the sitters and Hubs and I have our own little routine:
Hubs Breakfast - yogurt or cottage cheese & fruit
My Breakfast - Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal (I call it organic Cap'n Crunch!)
Lunch - salad with peppers, garbanzo beans, cucumber, lettuce and tuna, baby carrots and some sort of 100 calorie snack (because I have/had a ton of them in the stockpile). String cheese and maybe some peanut butter & celery.
On to our dinners for the week:

Steak Fajitas
Red Bean, Sausage & Rice Soup (WW recipe)
Fish, baked potatoe & cheese
Chicken & Fried Rice (WW recipe)
Pork Lo Mein

That's what we're eatin' this week folks! This past month I've been very domestic, in that I've done some attempts with making various items from scratch, that I've never made in the past. I'm no Susie Homemaker that's for sure! But, in the attempts to keep the WW points down and my family eating cleaner, I'm giving things a whirl.

For more Menu Plan Ideas, head over to!

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