Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon Tip Tuesday

I've said it before, and I want to re-iterate it again.

When it comes to being a hard core couponer, you are wise if you can establish a good relationship with the cashiers! If you are in a store over and over with a ton of coupons, be wise in who you choose as a cashier - believe me, you get to know the coupon friendly ones pretty quickly. This probably works best if you live in a small town, like I do, but there is one cashier at Meijers that I will stand in line for, rather than go to a smaller, faster lane. All because she understands coupons and welcomes them! Last weekend, she told me all about how she never bought anything she didn't have a coupon for when she was raising kids. She commends me on my savings and my savviness. In a world where everyone is impatient and only about 10% understand the true value of frugality, that was so nice to hear!

And when you find that special cashier - give them props. Forgive when they make mistakes. Thank them for their help. Email the corporation about them so they get a special star pin for their uniform. Believe me, they'll return the favor in excellent service!

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