Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hokey Dinah - It's September Already!

Wow. So - does anybody else wonder where their September went? My goal for September is to get back into the bloggy world. Something happened in my mind, when we went on our awesome family vacation at the end of July- I just did NOT want to come back to reality. And I fought it, for most of August, but here we are with a new month, new bills to pay, Fall and school starting up and I just can't put off getting back to reality any longer.

We're back to meal-planning, budgeting and couponing. I knew it was bad when I paid for some parmesan cheese a couple of week's ago withOUT using a coupon. What the heck? That's when I knew I needed to get my rear in gear and get crackin' on those coupons. It's just not smart to not use them! So, as far as my budgeting and tracking goals go - I failed MISERABLY in August. Didn't keep one receipt, didn't log ANYTHING on my spreadsheet. 'Nuf said, break over! we go. If there's even one person out there wondering where the Coupon Psycho went, here I am. I'm back and hopefully will find some awesome deals to share!

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  1. Yay! Glad your back! I have missed reading your blog during your break.