Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

You know what's working for me these days? And I have absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Totally out of my hands, but this easy, breezy July weather we are having is SO totally working for me!

Normally, in Southwestern Michigan, July is a heat trap of humidity and sweat! And today? Breezy, sunny, high of 74 degrees. Wow!

We don't have central air conditioning, just one window unit that we put in the central room of our house and window fan for our bedroom. We haven't even hauled the unit up from the basement yet, because it's been so nice outside!

Typically in the summer for lots of people, while the gas bill goes down, the electric bill rises due to the central air and the electricity for the air conditioning. I just got our electric bill for June and it only went up 10 bucks! Yay!

Works for Me!

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