Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bah Humbug -

I sort of suspected this would happen. The link to the Nabisco 100 calorie Internet Printable has no more prints left on it. So either, people have been printing it off like mad or someone didn't know about the deal this week at Meijer and has realized it and turned it off! Either way, when I went to print out some more today, there are no prints left. So sad. But still a pretty good deal at .79, that I'll probably do anyway, because I can submit them for the 20$ rebate. Maybe. I'm still debating. .79 is a lot when I was getting PAID .21 each to take them home!

AND the prints for 3.00/1 Sara Lee deli meat are all gone! Wow - people have been printing OVERTIME. Boy - ya snooze, ya lose!

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