Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Meal Planning

Hooray - I finally got my butt in gear!

I can't say as I've missed Meal Planning, but I can say that without it - things get a little lost. I find myself throwing more things out because they've not been used in time, and I've found it a TON easier just to give in and say, "Let's go out." Which, is not healthy for the old budget or the body. Meal planning forces me to

So - without further adieu, and after a 2 month hiatus in which I learned that NOT meal planning is NOT good for me, here we go!

Meals this week:

Spaghetti w/Meat sauce

Chicken/Broccoli Crescent Roll Wrap & salad

Sloppy joes & french fries

Spinach/Rice casserole & Fibre One Coated chicken (sounds terrible, but I just crush the FibreOne cereal to make a crumb coating and I really like it!)

Chicken Tostadas & Quesadillas with homemade salsa

Saturday we are headed to the fair! Woohoo - we love the fair and the only way we cut costs on the horribly overpriced yummy stuff at the fair is to not go but once or twice!

Sunday we have a potluck, so that dinner is taken care of. This is what my week looks like food-wise.

On a side note, I tallied up my spreadsheet of savings from last December '08 - September '09. This is without keeping track of anything in August, so I only averaged it for 9 months, rather than 10 - but - I'm coming in at the following numbers:

2072.88 spent this year


2666.96 SAVED!

Woohoo - I've doubled my money! Incidentally, this averages to be 230.32/month and includes groceries, health & beauty items, diapers for a 1 year old, pull-ups for a 3 year old and formula for 4 months (December - March) I am STOKED to see that number and determined to bring it down even more for 2010! My goal was to spend between 200 - 250/month for the year of 2009 and I'm meeting that nicely. I wonder if I can average it out the next 3 months to bring my average down closer to the 200 mark, rather than the 250. Hmmmm....

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