Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May Recap...a little late.

Just to recap the month of May, I had initiated a $50.00/month, "If it's not FREE, it's not for ME." challenge on myself. That sort of went into the toilet with the AMAZING Kraft coupons (they expire today!) that came out and all the fantastic deals that went along with them. I waved the white flag in surrender to the awesome spring deals and came in at:

234.20 OOP and saved 382.88.

That's averages to be $58.55 a week and includes diapers, so, while I didn't make my goal - I'm still happy.

June is off to a better start: So far I'm at: 115.13 OOP, saved 275.96.

Hoping to not spend too much more, although I hear rumors of a big diaper sale at Target coming up, I have awesome coupons and I'm almost out from the diaper stockpiling session last March, that's right! I've only purchased 2 packages of diapers in 3 months! Lovin' that!

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