Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Linky Love

Here's the best coupon links I am seeing out there in Coupon Bloggy Land!

1.00/1 Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn

1.00/1 - Rubbermaid Containers

Edge Shaving Gel - 1.00/1 - have to sign up, but this site offers LOTS of good coupons

1.50/1 Kashi Go-Lean waffles

$4 worth of Cheerios Coupons - have to sign up

Kraft Bagelfuls - 1.00/1

Gourmet Dining Skills Meals - $2.00/1

Kashi Cereal Bars - 1.50/1

$5/1 & $1/1 Coppertone Sunscreen

Kid's Essentials Boost Drinks - $5/1 for new registrants

$3.00/1 PullUps coupon

And there are EXCELLENT coupons on, & Be sure to check them all out as you make your plans. Remember to hit the back button, to get 2 coupons, to maximize savings!


  1. I also think this $1.00 off Edge Shaving Cream is a great one. It is on sale at my grocery store this week for only $1.50 so .50 for a can is cheap to me!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I had just edited it to add that one! Found it in my inbox this morning.

  3. What no Target!! You poor thing. I have right less than a mile from home and 2 of them about 5 miles from my work.
    I have just recently starting getting into couponing so I find myself going there alot more often!
    I didn't even think about looking for those $5.00 off's on ebay. I have one that I got in the mail and then I will just use my $3.00 offs I printed.

  4. I buy lots of coupons from E-bay, but I really love - then I can pick and choose what coupons I want, how many and don't have to worry about being "bid up"! It's awesome ;)