Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend 5/16 Recap - A couple days late

Here's this weekend's recap, just a couple days late. But I was EXHAUSTED from the garage sale and kids were tired know the routine.

Anyway, towards the end of the garage sale, I left Hubs to wind things down so I could take my Mom to Meijers and do a run using all the awesome coupons and sales that were going on. It was pretty fun! And I didn't buy a thing! My envelope is dwindling rather rapidly, so I lived vicariously through her sales. My sis-in-law came too and we had my girlies, so we were women on a mission!

Mom was nervous with her big stack of coupons and I used to be too, but you have to just plan, organize and plow through. We were even in luck because one of my favorite Meijer cashiers was working and we went through his lane. And yes, I know the Meijer cashiers.

I had Mom do two transactions. On the first we did:

Miracle Whip
Two boxes of wheat thins
6 bottles of Kraft Barbecue Sauce
3 bottles of Kraft Dressing
3 Kraft chunk cheese
2 Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough
2 packages ground beef
1 package chicken tenderloin

Used most of the coupons I used from my LUNCH RUN last week and paid OOP: 17.00 - Saved 37.00 + she got a 3.00 OYNO catalina coupon + a FREE Crystal Light coupon (4.38)

T2 - 4 packages of Jello ready to eat pudding

She used the 3.00 OYNO coupon and paid OOP - 3.00 Saved 7.00

So - all together she paid 20.00 and saved 44.00 - 48 if you count the savings of a FREE Crystal Light coupon. Love it when your money doubles!

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