Monday, May 4, 2009

Meijer Match Up 5/4

There are a couple of deals that I want to get in on before I begin my "If it ain't free, it ain't for me" challenge that begins May 8th. I'm going to run my challenge from May 8th - June 5th. I'm excited to see if I can do it! Here's hopin'!

A couple of good deals I'm spottin' at Meijers this week. I'm lovin' the free frozen veggies since I'm pretty low.

Freshlike Frozen Veggies 5/$5 there's a Meijer mealbox q for 1.00/2 and a printable link here for another 1.00/2. In my book - that equals FREE! Nice.

I also am looking at the Buy 2 Nabisco Crackers for $5, get a free gallon of milk. I ordered some 1.00/2 Nabisco crackers from Coupons and Things by Dede, so I'm looking at 2 boxes of Triscuits and a gallon of milk for 4 bucks. That's a pretty good deal! 4 bucks for 1 gallon of milk - not so much, but for 2 boxes of crackers and the milk - that's a nice price on stuff we normally buy. Not free, but nice.

I'm also eyeing the Barilla pasta sale - .88 cents each - I have 5 .50 off Barilla whole grain pasta - if they have it and it's included in the deal, I can pair it with the 1.00/3 Mealbox coupon for FREE pasta. Call me a pasta snob - but we only buy Barilla - everything else tastes very...thick. And gummy. Yeah - we found that out after tried regular pasta after having eaten only whole wheat. I like the wheat pasta much better, but Barilla is the only brand of regular I could stomach after all that wheat pasta. The wheat may not be included in the .88 cents sale, may be a bit more - but I can still knock each one down .88 cents!

Also - Kraft BBQ sauce is on sale for 1.00 - there is supposedly a .75 cent coupon that came out yesterday - .12 for a bottle of BBQ sauce - just in time for grilling season. Of course, Hubs is a BBQ snob and only uses Open Pit - but I like the Kraft! Word on the coupon street is that if you buy 6 (use 6 q's!) you can pay 1.50 for 6 bottles and get a 3.00 OYNO coupon - 1.50 MM and lots o' sauce for the grill. Haven't tried it myself, though...

DiGiorno Frozen pizza on sale for $5.00 - use the 1.50 printable off Only thing that would make that deal sa-weet would be a Mealbox coupon, but no such one exists.

I'm also going to stock up on the tortillas for .67 as well. Not seen them that low and it's Cinco de Mayo.

So - a few things to look at in the Meijer store. Here's hopin' for good stock! Ole!

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