Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two More Rebates

Here's a couple of other rebates I've stashed away for future reference. Looks like I can combine this Rayovac one with ANY Disney movie - too bad I already sent in my BOLT rebate. I should have kept a copy of my receipt. Bah.

But here's a coupon and rebate for Disney's Bedtime Stories DVD when you buy 2 Ortega products - (uh - I'm thinking 2 - .60 packages of seasoning!) Not sure about this particular movie, haven't seen it - but Hubs is interested. He's got a fascination for Disney DVD's. Just a big kid at heart :)

Hefty also has a rebate out for Pinocchio (sp??) that you could combine with the Rayovac deal and a sale on the movie.

I don't see us doing these rebates, but - they aren't due up for a while and you never know what might happen or if you need a quick gift for a kiddo, so I'm posting them to have the links around!

Now if some Rayovac sales and coupons rear their pretty little heads, we might be in business!

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