Thursday, April 9, 2009


Welp, this month we've got dirt cheap shaving cream and Chapstick, now we can add in toothpaste this week. Colgate Total Advanced - 3.49 - get a 3.50 RR back. There are 1.00 off coupons for Colgate Total right now at So - pay 2.70 (that includes tax!) and get a 3.50 RR back. Good deal if you need toothpaste or anything else at Wags that's over 3.50. This only goes till Saturday (the 11th). Don't forget you can print two coupons from, but if you want two for free, then you have to buy them in separate transactions. The machine will only spit out one RR per deal, per transaction.

Nice thing about this deal is that there is a coupon to bring the total down to absorb the tax - so it is totally free...if you are going to buy something else. I keep saying that because if you don't need 3.50 worth of drugstore type merchandise that you would have to buy anyway, then what good is a 3.50 coupon to Wags, you know? I keep taking my RRs and putting them towards milk and Easter basket stuff, so it works for me. I'm going to buy milk and Easter basket stuff anyway, why not get free shaving cream, chapstick and toothpaste while I'm at it??

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