Friday, April 10, 2009

This week's bargains and a couple of Easter baskets...

Kraft salad dressing is on Rollback at Wal-Mart for 1.58 this week. There was a coupon in the paper for 1.50 off one, making the bottle .08. I may or may not have ordered some more coupons for this deal - must be Kraft has a lot of dressing they want to get off their hands, because dressing is on sale at Meijers for 1.67 a bottle as well. Use the coupon to get it for .17...not too shabby. The crackers were on rollback 2/4 and I had B1G1 free for the fancy Artisan flavor (blech - I wanted to try them, but I don't like the white cheddar ones so far) and a 1.00/2 coupon for the triscuits. The salsa were 2.96 each and I had 4.00 coupons for them, so I got 1.04 overage on each bottle. I don't normally shop at WalMart because I don't think they are very coupon friendly, but they are the one store that I've found that will actually give you overage on an item, rather than just adjusting that down. So, I appreciated that. All in all for the picture below I paid $3.00. Love it.Here's a sample of what I'm giving out for Easter at the family Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. There are generally about 6-8 kiddos running around and I like to have a little something to contribute because my daughters always come home with a lot of stuff, so I put these little cups together with some gum, bubbles and a smelly, Jelly Belly gel pen (from WAGS!) Made 8 of these the other night as well as...

Grace's Easter Basket...which has Bolt, some more smelly, Jelly Belly gel pens, some gum, some runts and plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. I think I may have buried a chocolate egg in that grass somewhere as well. I made a basket for Annie too, but just put grass and plastic eggs in it -that's all she's interested in anyway! Will probably put her new tennis shoes in there as well to fill it up a bit. So - for all my Easter supplies for the above picture and not including Bolt, which I'd already paid for...I paid 4.00 out of pocket.
Not too shabby!
I also have a couple of bags of empty eggs to do the Resurrection Eggs with Grace on Easter Sunday. We are going to make our own! No need to spend 15$ at the Family Bookstore - when you can do it at home with stuff around the house, eh?

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