Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Mail Day!

I just love signing up for free samples. WalMart has a ton that they give away - we got three or four this week. Here's what came in the mail on Monday this week - 2 samples of All Bran lemonade (wth??), Cottonelle flushable wipe and a little tube of toilet paper all rolled up. Not pictured is a sample of Old Spice Body Wash that I signed Clint up for. Annie was toddling aroudn with that one...

The bag is one I had ordered to give my SIL for her birthday, but it came with a little slit in the front, like maybe a box cutter had hit it, so I emailed the company and they sent me the replacement bag. Whoop. Now she'll have two! The book is a big blessing - last summer a co-worker lent me 4 or 5 of the Stephanie Plum books to read over summer vacation (I know, I know) and Grace ripped the cover off of it. Ack! I didn't want to give her a ruined book, so I needed to replace it and it just got to be one of those things that I never thought of at the right time, barely thought of, blah, blah, blah and well, I was looking at my Zoomerang account the other day - Zoomerang is a survey company that pays people (in points to be redeemed for prizes) to take surverys about products, etc... They never asked me for any money or credit card information, so I figured why not? and signed up to do surveys. I don't qualify for a ton of them, as I'm not exactly a diverse individual, but I did have some points accumulated and was browsing through their prizes and lo, and behold the exact book I needed to replace the one that Grace ruined. Love it. Clicked on it and 3 days later it arrived at my house. No shipping, no nothing - all it took was some of my time.

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