Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Try at Something New

I get a big kick out of looking at blogs with recipes and step by step instructions on how to make these novel, easy foods. So I was (inventing isn't the right word, because I'm sure this has been done before) creating something new for us to eat last Saturday and took my pics. They turned out very yummy and were super easy to do!

Breakfast Pockets
I took a roll of Pillsbury Grands biscuits (cuz I have a ton from Kroger) and rolled out each biscuit flat.
Cooked up my filling - this time it was just sausage and scrambled eggs...

Put some filling on one flat biscuit and topped with shredded cheese...

Took the other flattened biscuit and laid it on top of the filling side and pinched all edges around together.

Followed the baking directions on the biscuits until they were golden brown and served them up. We were so full from the pocket we totally skipped lunch :) Very filling and when I make them again, I think I'll tweak the recipe a little bit and put maybe a bit of white gravy in the middle to kind of cream the insides up. It was yummy, but a little dry. Totally workable with any type of filling. I wish Grace liked biscuits, these would be fun for kids for breakfast and dinner and totally cheap and easy to make!

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