Monday, April 6, 2009

Lots o' Rebates

Apparently a ton of rebate forms came out this weekend. A couple that I've got my eye on are the...

Duncan Hines (also Vlassic, Log Cabin, Mrs. Butterworths & Open Pit) - you can do this one up to 6 times. It's not a cash rebate, but the rebate comes in high dollar coupons. Just like my beloved Pepsi coupons. Ha ha.

Ensure - it's on sale this week at WAGS for 6.99 - use this 3.00 coupon to make your OOP lower, then get the original 6.99 back. And I'm going to submit to for 1.00 rebate on each 6 pack. Possibly make 4 bucks for trying their shakes. I'm in the market for something quick for breakfast, I just can't seem to get up early these days! Maybe now that the house is clean...

Turkey or Ham Unilever deal - the actual rebate form was in the Sunday's paper. Not sure about this deal because you have to buy $40 of Unilever products in the month of April. Too bad it wasn't around last month with all that free Dove! Anyway - Meijers is running a nice deal on turkeys and hams this week, which we are planning on doing even before the rebate info - so I'm tucking it away until the end of the month.

The awesome thing about rebates is that they tally up according to the price BEFORE coupons. So if you can knock your out of pocket cost down by rewards/sales/coupons - some of these will make your stuff free or make a little money out of them. Free is good, dude.

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