Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walgreens Trip #2 for the Week

I was pretty wired last night after the girls went to bed, so I asked Hubs if I should go to Walgreens.

"Why, what do you need?" he says.

I laughed. "I don't need anything!"

But I went anyway, 'cuz I had 2 - $3 RR burning a whole in my pocket.

When I walked in the cashier was throwing her water bottle up and down and yawning, so I took that as a good sign that I'd be okay to do multiple transactions!

I had 2 - $3 Tone RRs, so my first transaction was:

1 Skintimate - 2.99
1 Stayfree Pads - 2.99
1 Candy bar - .39

Used 2 - $3 RR
OOP - .73 and a $3 RR for Stayfree and a $3 RR for Skintimate popped out.

Transaction #2

Tone Body Wash - $3.99
1 gallon of milk - $2.29

Used the Stayfree and Skintimate RR's I just received. Paid .52 OOP and received a $3 RR from the Tone.

Transaction #3

1 Skintimate Shaving Cream - 2.99
1 Butterfinger - .39

Used the Tone $3 RR I had just received and paid .56 OOP and received a $3 RR.

I decided to call it quits there because there was someone behind me, the store was about to close and well, you just don't want to press your luck.

So for the items pictured below, I spent: $1.81 OOP, saved $20.10 and walked out with a $3 RR.

In the words of Adam Sandler, "Not too shabby!"

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