Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Savings

Well, actually, more like "Awesome Friday Evening" savings, but I didn't get a chance to blog last night. So, I did my Meijer run and it was awesome. I, of course, went immediately to the pallet of Mac and Cheese boxes looking for those wonderful get a FREE Capri-Sun peelie and I don't know who did it, but every.stinking.peelie was GONE! Even the packages in the middle of the pallet had the peelies ripped off! It was either an employee or customers, but it was a brand new pallet and there was not a peelie to be seen.

So, not to be deterred, I went over to the regular aisle of mac and cheese and there at the bottom were about 10 5-packs or so of what I was searching for WITH peelies. So I was a happy, happy camper.

So, all in all, the above picture is missing 1 gallon of milk, 8 yogurts, Doritos and 2 bags of 100-calorie cheese packs (and...BLECH! The 3 cheese blend one is awful.)

I paid: $32 OOP, saved $82 and received $6 back in OYNO coupons and $3 back in bottle deposit. So, it's like paying $23 for all the above!

Which bears mentioning that if I had paid full retail price for just the laundry detergent - I would have paid $25 OOP. Good grief. And I used to pay it too! The lady in front of me had a ton of coupons as well, so I was silently congratulating her, but the lady behind me was ticked with all of my coupons. If she's willing to pay that extra $82 for me to speed things up, well, by all means - I'm happy to oblige. But she didn't offer, so I'm guessing she's not.

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