Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - The BLAND edition

My daughter, Annie (2) has been, for the last year, randomly (or so we thought) puking probably about 2 or 3 times a week. She vomits when she eats too fast, when she gets upset, when she gets scared, when she gets hurt, when she lays down, sometimes for no apparent reason at all - out it comes. It's actually quite disturbing. Our pediatrician has seem fairly lax about it saying that some kids just have a really sensitive gag reflux, make sure she's elevated at night and to ride it out. I did finally at our last appointment get her to prescribe some baby Zantac in the case that Annie has acid reflux, which I do believe she does have in some form, because while the Zantac has helped at night, it has not abated the problem by any means. (And yes, Krista, I'm looking for a new pediatrician! :) )

So, poor little Annie - not sleeping and puking every week - and it's starting to worry me TREMENDOUSLY. Not just because I don't sleep either, but because I'm worrying about her stomach lining and her esophogus and because twice now we've taken her to a restaurant only to have rounds of throwing up and embarrassment and having to buy new clothes at the store next door. I'm sorry Dr., I just don't think this is normal.

So, I posted about it on Facebook and was connected with a gal whose son had sleep issues (which is what I think Annie may have too along with the digestive issues) and she takes him to the chiropractor with phenomenal results. I have been taking Annie for almost a month now and it has helped some and merits further appointments as the dr. is talking with me and his nutritionist about Annie's digestive enzymes.

So, how does this tie in to Menu Plan Monday? We are going bland folks. We are attempting to trace patterns of what Annie's trigger foods are and so far, we've definitely hit upon the fact that fried foods are just TOXIC to her. She will throw up every time - no matter what it is. It's too heavy or something for her. I'm also attempting to use the Deceptively Delicious book's techniques so as to get some decent nutrition in to my eater who is fussy, but can eat anything and my eater who isn't fussy, but can't eat anything!

So - here's what we're looking at this week.

Macaroni & Cheese - with sweet potato or cauliflower thrown in -(can't remember which it is!)

Pasta with sauce

Grilled Chicken, rice and peas (<- I really like rice & peas mixed!)

Mozzarella, Tomato & Cheese Cauliflower pizza - I'm going to attempt to get this right. First time I tried it, it wasn't crispy enough, and I didn't try to give it to the girls.

Hamburgers, baked potatoes & corn

Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes & Bacon - Annie won't have the bacon, but the eggs and pancakes have sweet taters & cauliflower in them...


So bland it is for us, hopefully, as we continue on, we'll be able to pin point other food sensitivities or triggers for my sweetie pie. Anybody have any experience with these? ANY tips will be welcome!

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