Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday – March 22 - 27

Here's what we are looking at for this week. I am definitely feeling the need to get back in to Menu Planning. There is nothing like getting sick (the whole family!) to bring any sort of organization to a screeching halt.


Monday – Chicken Quesadillas/Barbecue Chicken Nachos.

Tuesday – Chicken Nuggets & Fries (I'm guessing!) Kids & Daddy are on their own. (I'll be heading back from Tecumseh, from doing a COUPON PRESENTATION to a MOPS group!) And yes – I'm excited.

Wednesday – Pancakes & Bacon

Thursday – Spaghetti & Bread

Friday – Eat out

Saturday – Annie's Birthday Party. ßYeah, I haven't started on that one yet.

I'm going simple this week. There's a lot to do with the trip to Tecumseh and planning Annie's Birthday. No time to do any fancy pants dishes!

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