Monday, March 22, 2010

Lots & Lots of Huggies

Oh, I have not yet begun to buy diapers! I knew there'd be some sweet diaper deals this month. It was just a matter of being patient.

The Rite-Aid in Three Rivers doesn't accept Internet Printable coupons, unless they have the Rite-Aid logo on them. (BOO!) But, I found out the one in Sturgis does…


Just in case you were wondering – I did the scenarios that I found over at and they worked!


At Wags: Got 3 packages of Huggies & 2 Mars Candy Bars (so I could use 2 - $4.00 RR from last week!)

Paid 12.00 and got a $5.00 RR back.


At Rite-Aid: Got 1 package of Pull-ups & 1 Package of Huggies for $8.80 and can submit for a $1 SCR. (I would have saved more, but the IP for Pull-Ups was on the MEGA pack, rather than the JUMBO pack. Poo L ) I also had the chance to educate a couple of fairly friendly Rite-Aid employees on the idea of stacking manufacturing coupons with store coupons.


All in all: $20 for 5 packages of Diapers with $6.00 back in RR's and SCR. Not bad for $14! J

And believe me, I'm just getting started. I have 16 of these beloved $3.00/1 Coupons! Print them out here, here and here!

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