Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't need a sale!

Wow - NOTHING I needed to buy at Walgreens was on an actual sale, and yet I slashed my OOP by at least 1/2. I was so excited, because a couple of the things were fairly pricey. My savings were largely due to the awesome Zantac moneymaker. Took me 4 transactions, but it was well worth it!

Here we have

2 Zantac - 8.99 each

1 Children's Motrin - 6.99

1 Chapstick - 2.99

1 TwinPack of OptiFresh Saline Solution - 15.49

4 Reeses - .69 each (fillers!)If I had purchased these items with no coupons, I would have spent 48.82, instead using coupons and register rewards I spent:

11.77! Savings of 37.05. Ka-ching!

Times like these when we need saline solution & motrin - it makes the work of learning about couponing and studying up on the deals, totally worth it.

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