Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Does this picture look familiar?

UPDATE: They've pulled the 1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox from the website :( but - it's still a good deal! - Pay 3.74 and get back $5.00 OYNO.

This Meijer scenario totally ROCKS! I did it twice more last night. I made two transactions, the first being exactly what you see pictured here:
Used 1 - 5.00 OYNO coupon that I got from this transaction yesterday.
My total? .09! NINE CENTS.

With glee, I handed the lady a dime and out popped 7 more dollars in catalinas (the register coupons).
My second transaction was more involved because I was buying some chicken wings (a dinner request from hubs, as he wrinkled up his nose at the thought of more chili), garbage bags, dressing, butter & plates - along with more soup & bread of course (I need to find more Ziplock coupons - oh, wait! They are IN THE BOXES that I just bought! - Don't forget to check those!)

I only had coupons for the soup on that transaction, along with $9 in catalinas, so my OOP was 17.03, and out came another $5 OYNO coupon.
I have two more soup coupons and we're out of milk - any guesses on where I'm going on my lunch hour today? *heehee*

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