Friday, October 23, 2009

Back on Track

Well, I feel as if I'm back on track, although the girlies are still sick, I've got a handle on things. Got my menu plan, got my shopping plan, and over my lunch hour I sent in about 7 rebates. I meant to do this last week, but with all the sickness, I'm behind. I am still hoping that I will get most, if not all, of them back in time for some extra cash at Christmas, though!

Here's what I sent in today:

Wolverine Workboot Rebate - 15.00

3 - SC Johnson Rebates - 15.00 (5.00 each)
1 Caregiver's Marketplace Rebate - 10.50 (although there has been lots of talk in the rebate world about how some of the UPCs don't match up on the rebate with the products, etc... but it doesn't hurt to try!

1 Kraft Throughout the School Rebate - 20.00

1 Snow White/Hefty Rebate - 5.00

So - we're looking at possibly 65+ bucks coming back. Plus, right now, I'm working on this Kraft "Keep the Jingle in your Holidays" rebate right here. More crackers :) Rebates are totally worth it, if you are either getting stuff you need or getting things for free anyway. Double bonus if they are stuff you need AND getting it for free!

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