Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Night Totally Rocked!

I got my FREE ice cream last night! Woohoo.

Hubs and I dropped the kiddos off at grandma's house for about an hour and a half last night, while we made a Meijer and a Wags run.

Stopped at Wags first because I had ordered 10 - 1.00/1 Chinet product from Dede and Wags has the 10 count packages dinner plates on sale for 1.50 right now. I had a $5 RR to use by the 6, so I was hoping to get all 10 and use my coupons and RR and get them for free, but they only had two in stock. No matter - got my rain check and found some other things to fill up the rest of the 5.00. I was pretty please because I had been needing some new eyeliner and lo and behold, the only Cover Girl eyeliner they had on clearance was "espresso" which - ka-ching! is my color! Whoop.

2 Chinet plates - 1.50, used 2 - 1.00/1 Insert coupons
4 Lindsay black olives - 2.99 - used .99 IVC coupon from sales flier, used 1.00/2 printable

1 Cover Girl espresso eyeliner - clearanced to 3.49

Used 1 $5 RR -
Paid 1.84 OOP, saved 19.32.

I was excited.

I knew heaven was smiling down on my trip last night when I saw one of my favorite Meijer cashiers on a lane. I determined that I would go to her lane, even if I had to wait and I was going to go for broke on my transactions! I love her because she never hassles me about my coupons. And last night I had 57.00 worth of coupons.

I saw that they still had the FREE ice cream signs up underneath all the Ritz cracker display. They said "Buy ANY 2 Nabisco crackers, get a FREE 1/2 gallon of Meijer ice cream" and they are everywhere by all the crackers. I had done some investigating on the matter and the sales ad says "Buy 2 Chips Ahoy and get a FREE 1/2 gallon of Meijer ice cream" but you really have to decipher it because it's also where it shows the sale price of Nabisco crackers - so I'm guessing that's where they got confused. But Hubs was very awesome and apparently was hungry for ice cream, because he goes "Well, let's ask someone who knows what they're talking about." So - I went to the Crystal Light display and he found someone, explained and that person said - "If the price of ice cream doesn't come off, explain it to the cashier and if they give you problems, have them call grocery." All right! So we added 2 1/2 gallons of ice cream in our cart.

Also - I read a tip from HCW on how there were some Glade Fabric and Air Sprays that had FREE peelie coupons on them, so I went to see if any of them did and whaddya know? There were 3 of them amongst the 8 on the shelf. So, in the cart they went too. Ha!

(Sorry, the pic is blurry)

Transaction #1

4 boxes Crystal Light On the Go - used 2 - 2.00/2 Crystal Light Kraft coupons, 4 1.00/1 MMB coupons

2 - 24 packs of Meijer Bottled Water - FREE wyb 2 boxes Crystal Light

3 Glade Fabric & Air Spray - used FREE peelie found on bottle

2 boxes of Ritz Crackers - used 2 - 1.00/1 Kraft coupons, 2 -1.00/1 MMB coupons

2 boxes of Wheat Thins - used 2 - Buy 1 Ritz cracker, get 1 Wheat Thins FREE coupons ordered from Dede.

2 1/2 gallon Meijer Ice Cream - FREE wyb 2 boxes Nabisco crackers (this is probably just my store though! Check your own out)

2 packages Oscar Mayer hotdogs - used 1 - 1.00/2 Kraft coupon and 1.00/2 MMB coupon <--these aren't on the site anymore, though - I had an old one that I printed off previously.

2 DiGiornio Flatbread Frozen pizzas - used 2 - 1.25/1 Kraft coupons and 2 - 1.00/1 MMB coupons

3 boxes Nabisco 100 calorie snacks - used 3 - 1.00/1 Kraft coupons and 3 - 1.00/1 MMB coupons

2 8 oz. Pompeian Olive Oil - used 2 - 1.00/1 Smartsource printable and 2 - 1.00/1 MMB coupons

2 Small boxes of Splenda (1.86each) - used 1 - 1.50/2 printable and 2 - 1.00/1 MMB coupons

I also used 2 - 2.00 OYNO catalina coupons from Monday night.

Paid: 9.52 OOP! 9.52! Saved: 73.42.

Got a 2 OYNO cat from the Crystal Light.

Transaction #2

2 boxes Crystal Light OTG - used 2.00/2 Kraft coupon

2 boxes of Crystal Light OTG Skin Essentials - used FREE wyb Crystal light product Kraft coupon

2 24 packs Meijer Bottled Water - FREE wyb 2 boxes Crystal Light.

2 Arnold Palmer Lemonade Tea Drinks - for Hubs. Awwww....

Used 2.00 OYNO cat I received from Transaction 1

Paid: 1.74. Saved: 18.76 Got a 2.00 OYNO cat for next time.

Total of Transactions last night: 13.10 + a 2.00 cat for next time.

Total saved last night: 111.50!

Lovin' Meijers right now.

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