Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

So, we've put our house on the market in the hopes of selling this summer and getting a bigger place. Accordingly, we pretty much cleaned out half of the stuff in our basement, and by that I mean at least 10 tables full of stuff we had in boxes that we don't need! NO jokes at LEAST 10 CRAMMED tables. Oy vey. I'm exhausted. Hubs is exhausted. Here's hoping for sunny weather and a decent turnout. We'd like to make some headway in the cost of getting a new T.V. The power button on our old broke, we have to stick our pinky finger (or tweezers) in a little hole to turn it on and off. We'll only pay cash for the television, so if we can get a good chunk a change from tomorrow, we'll be happy. And heck - it feels GOOD to have all that out of the house. I like minimizing. Easier to keep things clean.

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